Steakhouse Steak

Perfect steakhouse steaks every time

There are many ways to cook a steak, many of which can produce great results. However, the easiest process with the most predictable (and delicious!) outcome is the traditional steakhouse method of searing and roasting.

Yawesome Steakhouse Filet Mignon 135 Medium After Resting
Yawesome Steakhouse Filet Mignon 135 degrees Medium After Resting

Steakhouse steaks

Overview | Steakhouse steaks

Ratings: 3

Cuisine: American
Recipe Time: 50 minutes (Prep 30 minutes, Cook 15 minutes)
Yeild: 2
Cooking Temp: 350℉

Recipe Ingredients | Steakhouse steaks

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Steps | Steakhouse steaks

  1. Preheat oven and bring steaks toward room temperature.
  2. Preheat oven to 350℉. Remove steaks from refrigerator and set on countertop.

  3. Pat steaks dry and season with salt and pepper
  4. Once the steaks have started to warm to room temperature, pat them dry with paper towels and generously season all sides with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.

  5. Heat skillet and sear steaks
  6. Lightly oil a cast iron skillet and heat the pan on medium-high to high heat. Once the pan is hot sear the steaks for two minutes each side (four minutes total) top and bottom plus one additional minute to sear any/all remaining sides.

  7. Roast at 350℉ until desired doneness
  8. Place pan directly into the oven or transfer steaks to a wire rack on a shallow baking pan and roast for 10 to 20 minutes until steaks reach desired level of doneness turning steaks once halfway through roasting.

    (*Note: If placing searing pan directly into oven 10 minutes total (5 minutes per side) generally achieves 130℉-135℉ (medium). If transferring to a wire rack or roasting pan it will take a little longer. A meat thermometer is essential for precise results and should be utilized whenever possible.)

  9. Rest
  10. Remove steaks from oven (and skillet if using) and tent loosely with aluminum foil. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Internal temperature will continue to rise about 5℉.

Nutritional Information
Steakhouse steaks

(per serving)
Calories: 444 cals
Fat: 32 g
Carbs: 2 g
Protein: 35 g
Cholesterol: 150 mg
Sodium: 420 mg

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