How to Remove, Recharge and Replace your Ring Video Doorbell Battery.

Has your Ring Video Doorbell stopped working? It could be a dead battery - this is how you remove and recharge the battery.

We love our Ring Video Doorbell, but recently it stopped working. I forgot that the unit has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that needs to be recharged from time to time.

The suggested battery life from the manufacturer is 6 to 12 months. While the unit is working you can check the battery charge on the Ring app. Once its’ dead, you will not be able to check the battery charge and will need to remove the battery and recharge it. This is how to remove, recharge and replace the Ring Video Doorbell rechargeable battery.

Remove and recharge Ring Video Doorbell rechargeable battery.
How to remove and recharge the Ring 2 Video Doorbell battery.

Remove, recharge and replace a Ring Video Doorbell battery

To charge the Ring Video Doorbell battery, first remove it from the doorbell body. Next, using a standard 5v USB power source and a USB 2.0 USB A to USB micro-B cable, connect and charge the battery. Both a T15 driver and a USB micro-B charging cable should have been supplied with your Ring doorbell. If not, they are easy to find and I have links to them on Amazon below.

Overview | Remove & recharge Ring Video Doorbell battery

Project Goal: To remove, recharge and replace the battery in a Ring Video Doorbell
Difficulty: Beginner
Time: 15 Minutes
Remove & recharge Ring Video Doorbell battery Cost: $cheap

Supplies List | Remove & recharge Ring Video Doorbell battery

Tools List | Remove & recharge Ring Video Doorbell battery

Steps | Remove & recharge Ring Video Doorbell battery

  1. Loosen T15 Torx screw on bottom of Ring Doorbell cover and remove the rechargeable lithium ion battery pack.
  2. With a T15 Torx bit and driver, locate and loosen the mounting bolt on the bottom of the Ring Video Doorbell case. Do not loose the screw!

  3. Charge the battery pack using a 5v USB power source.
  4. To charge the Ring doorbell battery pack, connect it to a 5v USB power source using a USB 2.0 USB A to USB micro-B cable. The discharged battery will display an orange and a green light once connected to the charging source. Once fully charged, the orange light will turn off and the battery pack will only display a green light.

  5. Replace the charge battery pack back into the Ring Doorbell.
  6. Once the Ring battery pack is recharged, replace it in the doorbell body. The battery slides into the bottom of the doorbell body with the metal locking clip facing down. Gently insert the battery fully until the battery pack locking clip engages. If you replaced the mounting screw back into the battery for temporary storage, remove it now. Finally replace the doorbell case and insert and gently tighten the mounting screw using your T15 torx bit. Use care not to over tighten the screw. Do not use any screw other than the Ring-supplied screw as over-sized or long screw can damage the battery pack and create a potential fire hazard.

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