Homemade White Castle Burgers

White Castle Burger Recipe - easy homemade mini steamed sliders with King's Hawaiian mini buns.

Here’s a very easy recipe for tasty White Castle style burgers at home. Cooked over steamed onions, these burgers are super-savory, and soft and are wrapped in the sweet goodness of King’s Hawaiian mini sweet buns.

This recipe is easy to make using single-pan preparation on the range. No need to fire up the grill. I like to use fairly lean hamburger, as the fat is not drained off and will end up in the bun and burger.

Homemade White Castle style burgers.
White Castle style mini slider burgers.

Mini sliders

Overview | Mini sliders

Ratings: 13

Cuisine: American
Recipe Time: 20 mins (Prep 10 mins, Cook 5 mins)
Yeild: 4 (3 sliders per serving)
Cooking Temp: Medium

Recipe Ingredients | Mini sliders

Adjust Servings
3 sliders per serving

Steps | Mini sliders

  1. Flatten and Form Hamburger
  2. Place hamburger on heavy-duty aluminum foil covered surface. Cover the top of the hamburger with an additional sheet of aluminum foil and using a large cutting board, press down on the hamburger to a uniform thickness of ~ 3/8" to 1/2" thickness.

    Alternatively, place the hamburger directly on a cutting board and use the top foil and cutting board to flatten directly on the cutting board. This allows separating the hamburger by cutting the flattened burger without worrying about cutting through a tin foil layer under the hamburger.

  3. Saute Onion and Add Water.
  4. Sauté chopped onion in butter or olive oil. Once starting to brown, increase the burner heat and add water to cover the onion. The water will create steam to steam the hamburger.

    Once water begins to steam, add hamburger to pot, using a large pancake spatula or flipper. Season the hamburger with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

  5. Add Cheese (optional) and Buns to Pan
  6. If desired, add cheese to top of hamburgers. Use slices of American cheese, swiss (Jarlsberg is a personal favorite for these), cheddar or other cheese.

    Prepare buns by cutting if necessary. Place a bun top over each burger. Stack the bun bottoms over the seams between bun bottoms (helps expose to steam).

    Allow burgers to steam until cooked throughout - typically 5 - 8 minutes total.

  7. Build Burgers
  8. Using a spatula or similar, remove each burger with bun top and place on top of a steam bun bottom. Dress with pickles, mayo, ketchup and mustard and enjoy.

Nutritional Information
mini sliders

(per serving)
Calories: 721 cals
Fat: 33 g
Carbs: 68 g
Protein: 36 g
Cholesterol: 94 mg
Sodium: 909 mg

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