Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs

Timing is key to preparing a perfect soft-boiled egg

Timing is everything when it comes to soft-boiled eggs. The size of the egg, the temperature of the water, and the crowding of the eggs in the pan of boiling water all factor into the outcome. For this recipe we are assuming large eggs, rolling boil reduced to a gentle boil, and a 1.5 quart sauce pan.

Soft boiled eggs #yawesome

Soft-boild Eggs

Overview | Soft-boild Eggs

Ratings: 1

Cuisine: American
Recipe Time: 12 mins (Prep 5 mins, Cook 6 mins)
Yeild: 2 (2 eggs per serving)
Cooking Temp: 212 F

Recipe Ingredients | Soft-boild Eggs

Adjust Servings
2 eggs per serving

Steps | Soft-boild Eggs

  1. Bring water to a boil
  2. Fill a pan with enough water to fully cover an egg by at least an inch and bring to a rolling boil (just the water - no eggs at this point).
    (note: I use a 1.5 quart saucepan for a maximum of 4 eggs to avoid crowding)

  3. Set your timer to six minutes
  4. While the water is heating up prepare a reliable timer for a six minute countdown. Every second counts - you don't want to be estimating the time.

  5. Add egg(s) to the boiling water
  6. Once the water has reached a rapid boil very quickly, but gently lower the egg(s) into the water using a slotted spoon or similar and start your timer. Reduce heat to maintain a gentle boil.

  7. At precisely six minutes remove egg(s) from pan and run under cold water
  8. At precisely six minutes remove the egg(s) from the pan using a slotted spoon and transfer into bowl. Run the egg(s) under cold water. This will help stop the cooking and also protect your fingers from being scalded as you peel the egg.

  9. Peel the egg and serve
  10. Some people like to remove the top portion of the shell and place the egg into a holder. While pretty, I don't see the need for it. Simply crack the shell. Peel the shell from around the center of the egg and you'll be able to easily remove the remainder of the shell from the entire egg. Place the egg on a slice of toast and cut in half. This is what a six minute egg will look like. Firm, but still liquid yolk. Whites will be completely set and cooked through.

  11. Firmer yolk option
  12. If you prefer jammy yolks - 6 1/2 minutes will do the trick (see image). At 7 minutes the yolks will be firm and at 8 minutes the egg will be fully hard boiled.

Nutritional Information
Soft-boild Eggs

(per serving)
Calories: 143 cals
Fat: 10 g
Carbs: 1 g
Protein: 13 g
Cholesterol: 372 mg
Sodium: 142 mg

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