Red Bell Pepper and Bacon BBQ Beans

Super easy bbq beans using canned white beans, bbq sauce, red bell pepper and bacon.

Yum! Who doesn’t love rich, savory, saucy, silky BBQ beans!

This easy bbq bean recipe comes together quickly with the aid of canned beans and a few items from the fridge. A bit of bacon (or ham) adds smoke and a bit of fat, for a super rich, silky result that defies the 20 minute prep time.

Quick and easy bbq bacon beans.
Easy to make bbq beans using canned white beans.

Red Bell Pepper and Bacon BBQ Beans

Overview | Red Bell Pepper and Bacon BBQ Beans

Ratings: 1

Cuisine: American
Recipe Time: 20 minutes (Prep 5 minutes, Cook 15 minutes)
Yeild: 4
Cooking Temp: medium

Recipe Ingredients | Red Bell Pepper and Bacon BBQ Beans

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Steps | Red Bell Pepper and Bacon BBQ Beans

  1. Chop onion, red bell pepper and bacon and sauté.
  2. Add butter, chopped onion, red bell pepper and bacon to a heavy pot. Over medium heat sauté the vegetables and brown the bacon, about 3 - 5 minutes.

    Once the bacon is browned and the vegetables starting to brown reduce heat and remove excess fat from the bacon.

  3. Add Beans and remaining ingredient, simmer for 10 minutes.
  4. Add beans (no need to drain or rinse), brown sugar, mustard, water, thyme, bay leaf and salt and pepper. Bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes or more.

    If you like your beans saucier, cover the pot while simmering. If you like thicker beans, partially cover or uncover the beans while simmering.

  5. Add your favorite barbeque and enjoy!
  6. Beans and BBQ - Yawesome!

Nutritional Information

(per serving)
Calories: 497 cals
Fat: 7 g
Carbs: 83 g
Protein: 38 g
Cholesterol: 13 mg
Sodium: 547 mg

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