Native Deodorant Review

Men's and Women's Aluminum and Paraben Free Natural Ingredients Deodorant

I remember the first time I tried a “natural” deodorant. And the second. And the third. On and off for over 20 years, I tried Tom’s of Maine and countless others with the same disappointing result – they didn’t work.

Over the past ten years, as the market has become inundated with natural deodorants thanks to increased consumer demand, natural deodorants’ quality and effectiveness have improved. Schmidt’s Jasmine Tea, to name one, is a solid example of a deodorant that smells great, goes on mostly smoothly (just a few clumps here and there), and works to keep you smelling fresh for at least the first 4 or 5 hours post-application.

However, it wasn’t until 2016, when I first tried Native Deodorant that I realized someone (thank you, Moiz Ali) finally cracked the code and had created a product with all-natural ingredients, goes on smoothly, available in numerous awesome (and unique) scents, is aluminum and paraben-free, and worked to keep me smelling fresh 24 hours and beyond (… yes, it’s true, daily showers aren’t my cup of tea—more on that in a future post).

By 2017 Native Cos had grown so quickly (launched in 2015) that P&G acquired it for a reported $100 million cash. At first, I was concerned that this might harm the brand’s quality and integrity, but thus far, the products have actually continued to improve.

Aluminum free natural Native Deodorant.
Six scents Native Deodorant Blood Orange Clove Eucalyptus Mint Coconut Vanilla Charcoal Lavender Rose Coconut Milk Turmeric

My Favorite Native Deodorant Scent

  • Vanilla & Coconut
  • It smells sophisticated (and delicious) and works for an everyday scent that never tires. While Vanilla & Coconut is my favorite, there hasn't been one Native Deodorant scent that I wouldn't purchase again.

    Native Best Natural Deodorant Coconut Vanilla Stocking Stuffer

    Native Deodorant Coconut & Vanilla Paraben & Aluminum Free

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